Club and Individual Insurance Policy

Club Insurance

For affiliated clubs to take advantage of Insurance policies through the IAWA, your club must first meet the following criteria

Club Public Liability Insurance cover only

A ‘Club’ is made up of no less than 20 members

  • The Club Board must have a written record of all current members
  • The Club must be a current affiliated member of the IAWA
  • The Club must have its own written constitution
  • The Club must have at least two IAWA Certified Coaches as current members of the IAWA.
  • All affiliation, Individual Membership, Insurance must be renewed annually
  • The Club must have a regular wrestling/grappling programme within the club to promote participation and growth of the sport
  • All Board members of the club must be current IAWA members and Garda vetted through the IAWA (see Garda Vetting Policy)
  • Participation in International wrestling Exchange Programs.
  • At least one IAWA coach that is supervising the practice sessions must have a current recognized First Aid Certificate
  • All members of the Club over 16 must be Garda vetted through the IAWA (See Garda Vetting Policy)
  • Practice sessions must be organized and supervised by at least one level 1 IAWA member coach

Note – A level 1 Coach is an Assistant Coach, Clubs must strive to have at least one Level 2 coach within 2 years of their first affiliation

What activities does it Public Liability cover?

The policy includes cover in respect of the following activities only and only caters for sporting events with maximum competitors of 500 and spectators of 1,500. If you are involved in any events or activities outside of this or with attendance of more than please contact the Irish Amateur Wrestling Association CLG well in advance of the event.

  • Training, competitions friendly and competitive matches
  • Taster/Trial sessions are covered for up to 3 sessions (subject to all participants name and contact information being properly recorded in writing for every session and retained by club).
    Important Note: Individuals are not covered under the personal accident policy until they are registered members of IAWA CLG
  • Club Social Events including: Sponsored walks, Runs, Pub Quizzes, Race nights, Social evenings & Parties.
  • Member to member liability: This is where one member negligently injures another member
  • A written log must be kept of all accidents and injuries which occur during practice sessions or events

What activities does it not cover?
The policy does not cover any activities outside of those mentioned above and specifically: -

  • The policy only provides cover for Wrestling / Grappling and disciplines sanctioned by the IAWA CLG rules and does not cover Mixed Martial Arts, Boxing or Kickboxing. Please refer to the other National governing bodies of those sports for insurance.
  • Fitness classes for non-members
  • Private coaching provided for which a fee is charged directly between the coach and individuals.

Individual Personal Accident Insurance

In addition to the requirements for Public Liability Insurance,

  • All individual club members seeking personal injury insurance must be current IAWA members
  • All individual members over 16 must be Garda vetted through the IAWA (See IAWA Garda Vetting Policy)

What is Personal Accident Insurance and when are you covered?
Cover in respect of an accident that results in an identifiable bodily injury or death to an insured person caused by a sudden, unexpected, unusual and specific event which is external to the body. Insured persons are covered while participating in sporting, training or social activity organised by Irish Amateur Wrestling Association CLG or their Affiliated Amateur Wrestling Club and including commuting directly to and from home.

Who is covered?
An Insured person is an individual registered member of Irish Amateur Wrestling Association CLG or their Affiliated Amateur Wrestling Club

How to make a Personal Accident Claim:
In the event of a claim please download and fill out the IAWA Incident Report Form and email it to and retain the original copy.

Once this information is received we will send you a claim form which must be fully completed and returned together with all relevant medical reports, receipts and invoices for any medical expenses incurred.

For notifications of Public Liability or Professional Indemnity claims please contact Irish Amateur Wrestling Association CLG

IAWA requires that every club keeps an written accident log book that includes details of every incident and accident that occurs, so please forward a copy of the page of the accident report book relating to the incident in question to when first notifying the claim.

This a brief outline of requirements for insurance cover. For full information on our insurance policies please email