Mission Statement

The Chief Objectives of the IAWA are to develop the sport of Amateur Wrestling throughout the thirty two counties of Ireland and to organise all home and away events which fall under the jurisdiction of UWW, while asserting the right of the lAWA to exercise it's own particular rules for the Administration of Amateur Wrestling in Ireland, so far as the same are not in conflict with the sporting rules of UWW. The lAWA shall subscribe to and be affiliated to UWW and the Irish Olympic Council.

It will administer and provide the running costs of tournaments in Amateur Wrestling both in Ireland and abroad and will have as its mandate, the seeking of Government assisted funding.

The IAWA will provide suitable rewards such as Cups and Medals and where possible, funds permitting grants for Irish teams taking part in competitions in and outside of Ireland. To provide financial assistance to meet the costs of teams visiting Ireland, and in particular, the lAWA will provide what assistance it may for the provision of accommodation, meals, subsistence expenses and prizes.

The IAWA is committed to the maintenance of the highest standards in the conduct of Amateur Wrestling through maintenance of proper procedures and underpinning the best ideals of good sportsmanship.


The lAWA is committed to the observance of all Anti-Doping procedures and will see to the observance and implementation of all Rules and Regulations as laid down by UWW and the Olympic Council of Ireland. The lAWA. will appoint an Anti-Doping Office to co-operate in every possible way to give effect to this commitment.

In accordance with the powers vested in the Board of Control of the lAWA by its Constitution, the IAWA will enact Rules to give effect to and compliance with the National Sports Anti-Doping Program, as originally outlined in the Provisional Draft Program outlined in June 1998.

By way of evidence of its earnest in this regard, the lAWA. affirms its adoption (with such modifications as are deemed only to be strictly necessary) the Doping Regulations promulgated by F.I.L.A., the International Amateur Wrestling Federation.


The lAWA is committed to the development of Womens Wrestling in Ireland. Such Wrestling shall be governed by strict rules to be laid down by the Board of Control, which will follow the Guidelines established by UWW. In particular, the lowest age of any child participating in Womens Wrestling shall be eight (8) years. The lAWA is committed to the appointment, where necessary, of professional trainers and consultants and to seek and to deploy the necessary resources to pay all reasonable fees and expenses connected with such appointments.


The lAWA are conscious for the need for the protection of Children participating in Amateur sport. All Junior Wrestlers from the age of eight (8) must have the written approval of their parents or guardians.


The lAWA, as the Governing Authority of Amateur Wrestling in Ireland, will arrange from time to time that Officials are appointed following Professional Courses to be held for the training of Wrestling Referees and Judges, both in Ireland and abroad.


It is lAWA policy that it is mandatory for coaches to have sufficient qualifications through courses pursued in Ireland or abroad. It is also mandatory that each coach shall appoint an assistant to supervise his activities. All such appointments of assistants must receive approval of at least two Members of the Board of Control.