As an NGB the IAWA and all its members are signed up to the Irish Sports Council’s Anti- Doping Policy. Through the Irish Sports Council Act, 1999, the Irish Sports Council was mandated to establish an Anti-Doping Committee, chaired by a registered medical practitioner as appointed by the Minister. The role of the Anti-Doping Committee is to assist and advise the Irish Sports Council in relation to the performance of its functions under section 6 (1)(d) of the Irish Sports Council Act, including: Providing assistance and advice to the Council on policy formulation relating to the three strands of testing, education and research required under the terms of the Council of Europe Anti- Doping Convention, 1989 and Providing assistance and advice to the Council's staff on policy matters

In carrying out its responsibility the Committee:

  • Advises on the proposed placement of future contracts, awards of tenders, etc.;
  • Advises on the ongoing analysis of/input to the National Testing Programme and related matters including input and advice with regard to the Anti-Doping Unit's results management and quality assurance;
  • Reviews and advises on education programmes;
  • Reviews and advises on research requirements;
  • Reviews and advises on national and international policies and requirements in conjunction with the Anti-Doping Unit;
  • Advises the Irish Sports Council on budgetary and resource requirements with regard to the development of the Anti-Doping Programme.


An anti-doping reference guide/booklet for parents seeking more information to ensure healthy athletic development and prevent the use of performance enhancing substances. This resource is relevant to parents of all levels of athletes from beginner to elite.

Parents play a key role in forming athletes’ attitudes to doping and athletes often turn to them for advice. Topics such as healthy sport cultures, nutrition, the risks of supplements, and doping risk factors are outlined, and links to websites where parents can find further useful information are suggested.

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