Irish Open 2023 Freestyle Wrestling Tournament


Competitors can only be entered online if their IAWA membership is valid for 2023. NO Membership, NO WRESTLING

Wrestlers travelling from outside Ireland email for a separate registration link.


Saturday 14th October 2023 – 1 day event \ 3 mats Maximum 150 participants

Online Registration will go live on 12th September 2023


Male & Female – Freestyle Wrestling

Female Under 18: Matches will be made on the day. U9s*, U11s, & U14s will be matched on the day based on 10% of their weight in accordance with IAWA guidelines.

*For under U9s: Mixed gender categories will be allowed according to the number of registrations. Pairings are at the discretion of the pairing master.

Cadet Male 15-17yrs:
(41-45) 48, 51, 55, 60, 65, 71, 80, 92, 110kg

Junior Male 18-20yr:
57, 61, 65, 70, 74, 79, 86, 92, 97, 125kg

Senior Male over 21yr:
57, 61, 65, 70, 74, 79, 86, 92, 97, 125+ kg

Females 18 Years +:
50, 53, 55, 57, 59, 62, 65, 68, 72, 76kg


United World Wrestling Rules

Weight allowance:

1kg allowance only for Cadets, Juniors and Seniors, Male & Female Wrestlers only. If you weigh in more than 1kg above the category that you have registered for, you will be automatically disqualified with No Refund

Weight check:

At the venue - Friday 13th Oct - 19.00hr – 20.00hr.

No Saturday morning weigh checks. See below for more information.

Entry fee:

€40 for seniors, €30.00 for juniors.

Early bird closes Saturday 7th October at 22.00hr. Late entry after the 7th will go up to €60.00 for Seniors and €40.00 for juniors (Juniors are Under 20 years).

All registrations will close on Tuesday 10th October 22:00hr.


Competitors can only be entered online if their IAWA membership is valid for 2023.


Wrestlers travelling from outside Ireland email for a separate registration link.

Wrestlers travelling from outside the Republic of Ireland must be registered with their home National Governing Body for wrestling.




Wrestlers living in the Republic of Ireland can register on Irish Open 2023 Registration. You must be logged into your IAWA profile to register.

Wrestlers travelling from outside the Republic of Ireland (including Northern Ireland) can register by emailing


Coaches IAWA memberships must be up to date. Coaches will be required to wear coach ID during the tournament. Coaches must be appropriately dressed in the corner (Tracksuits only).

All Irish club secretaries are reminded that Clubs, Competitors, and Coaches must be registered with the I.A.W.A, and Coaches must have a current vetting certificate.

Closing date:

Tuesday 10th October 2023 at 20.00hr


Medals for 1st, 2nd, 3rd & Best Wrestler of the day


The IAWA have the right to make changes to entry criteria.

Competition Director:

Daniel Kennedy

Safeguarding Officer:

Viorel Cristinel Bors

Code of Conduct:

By attending this competition as a wrestler, coach, or parent, you are agreeing to comply with the IAWA Wrestling Code of Conduct. Code of Conduct

Anti Doping:

All competitors entering IAWA competitions are also signing up to Sport Ireland's Anti-doping policy through the Irish Sports Council Act 1999.

Full information on


There will be T-shirts, hoodies, and wrestling merchandise for sale on the day.


Unless stated by clubs or individuals in writing to us before the competition date, consent will be given for photographs and videos to be taken in the hall on the day of competition. These photos may appear on social media or the website for publicity of future events. Email:


Free all day – Parking at owners' risk

Food and Drink:

Café open from 10-5pm – Hot/Cold drinks snacks

Strictly no food or drinks permitted inside the sports hall

Travelling Info:

The closest Airport is Dublin Airport. The closest Ferry Port is Dublin Port.



Accommodation around the Balbriggan Area, Co Dublin

Estimated finish time:


Venue Location:
Gormanston Park Sports Complex
Co Meath
Eircode: K32 NH30


The video weigh-check is exclusively for clubs outside of Dublin that cannot attend the venue on Friday night.


  • The video weigh-check must be conducted in a club atmosphere under the supervision of a registered coach.
  • No Saturday morning weight check.
  • Wrestlers in Dublin and surrounding areas must attend the weigh-in at the venue from 19:00 to 20:00 on Friday, October 13th.
  • Strictly adhere to the following instructions.

Weigh-in Allowance and Disqualification:

  • 1kg allowance only for Cadets, Juniors, and Seniors, Male & Female Wrestlers.
  • Wrestlers weighing in more than 1kg above their registered category will be automatically disqualified without a refund.

Pairings for Kids Under 15 Years and Females:

Kids under 15 years and female wrestlers will be paired based on the numbers in their weight category.

Video Submission Instructions:

  • The video must be one continuous video per team, not exceeding 1 minute.
  • Prepare your team before recording and practice a few runs.
  • The scales used must be electronic.
  • The video weigh-in must occur in a club setting, overseen by a coach. Individual video weigh-ins will not be accepted.

Preparation Steps:

  1. Display the time and date (between 19:00 and 20:00 on Friday, October 13th, 2023) on another device clearly visible in the video.
  2. Demonstrate the scales' accuracy by placing a clearly labeled weight (e.g., 5kg, 10kg) onto them.

Wrestlers' Steps on the Scales:

  • Wrestlers must hold a white A4 sheet of paper/card with their name and weight division clearly written.
  • Wrestlers should wear a wrestling singlet or boxer shorts and a light t-shirt. No tracksuits, shoes, or boots allowed.
  • While stepping onto the scales, wrestlers must hold the named paper in front of them.
  • Clearly state their name for the camera and pan down to display their weight on the scales.
  • If there are multiple wrestlers, each one should be ready to step up immediately after the previous wrestler.

Video Submission:

  • Send the video via WhatsApp to Republic of Ireland: 0872438425, or for Northern Ireland: 00353 872438425.
  • Include your club's name in the text.
  • Ensure the video is sent between 19:00 and 20:00 on Friday, October 13th, 2023.
  • Confirm the receipt of the video to ensure its delivery.

We eagerly await your participation on the mat!